Hogar de Cristo


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Imagen Misión y VisiónMission and Vision

The Home of Christ look for to welcome with dignity and love for the poorest of the poor.


  • “A country with Respect, Justice and Solidarity”

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to help to bring a change in the social conditions of poor and outcast people..
  • “Hogar de Cristo welcomes with love and dignity the poorest of the poor, to develop their opportunities for a better life. Call with enthusiasm, to help, and link the community in their responsibility with those excluded from society. It is a transparent, efficient and effective organization, who inspired by the spirituality of St. Alberto Hurtado, promotes a culture of respect, justice and solidarity. “

Target Population

  • People living in households or families with very low incomes (which belong to the first rank of the income distribution).
  • Persons with low incomes in the first rank (84 dolars) and in the second rank (194 dolars) when they also have at least one of the following condition:
    • Have an expression of bio-psychosocial disorder.
    • Don´t have or have inadequate social and institutional support networks.